Innovative Glucose Monitor that Uses Your Tears is On the Way

Mar 18, 2011
Recently, more efforts have been done in the area of blood glucose monitoring. Since millions of people suffer from diabetes around the world, checking the blood glucose level is essential part of keeping the disease under control.

Currently, most people use blood glucose meters that require you to prick the finger many times a day, which is not so pleasant for the sufferers of this disease.

Scientists at Arizona State University together with the Mayo Clinic decided to design a monitor that is far less painful. The innovative device requires you to touch your tear ducts, which is less uncomfortable than finger pricking.

To get the test sample, you need to take the fluid from the eyes, absorbing small amounts of fluid to measure the glucose level. Scientists say that glucose in tears tells about glucose levels just as accurately as during a blood test.

Researchers hope that the new method will encourage people to check their blood sugar level more often.