Innovative Machine that Eases Asthma Symptoms

Nov 24, 2011
The new machine that cleans the air, make asthma sufferers feel better without drugs.

The device called the Protexo machine, produced by Swedish company Airsonett, is used during sleep, delivering flow of pure filtered air to remove common allergens that cause inflammation of the lungs. The machine uses technology that is often applied to maintain sterile conditions.

Study, conducted by Professor John Warner from the St Mary's Hospital and Imperial College London, showed that this machine can improve asthma symptoms. The one-year study that included 282 people from ages 7 to 70 from six European countries, demonstrated that quality of life of those, who used the machine improved by 15 percent.

As a result there were fewer hospital admissions among those people, who used the machine. The Protexo was particularly effective in people with severe asthma symptoms. The results can be seen in a couple of months, authors say.