Innovative Material Protects Against Flu Viruses

Nov 08, 2011
While flu season is coming, many of us seek the ways to protect ourselves from tedious virus.

Now, the scientists have come up with the new material that can be used in flu masks and air filters to stop flu viruses from entering your respiratory system and causing flu symptoms.

One of the main problems that face scientists is the uprise of the new strains of flu virus, for which current flu vaccines are not as effective as they should be.

The scientists Xuebing Li and Peixing Wu have developed a material, using chitosan substance from ground shrimp shells and other substances to capture the flu virus.

The discovered that this material is perfect for attaching to fibers, which is why it can be effectively used in flu masks and air filters to prevent flu infection.

The new material could become one of the key measures in fighting flu along with flu vaccine, medications and hygiene rules.