Interactive Plate Makes Any Food Look Tasty

Feb 09, 2011
It is known that the look and the presentation of the food affect the taste of food. Philips Designs and Arzak have introduced its innovative tableware that helps food look more attractive. They designed multi-sensory plate that stimulates your senses using latest technology.

The interactive tableware has a crystalline substructure that changes its appearance to make dish look delicious with the help of light, sound vibration and electrical current. The plate is sensitive to temperature and motion, the utensils and the food, making your dining experience exiting. The tableware also reacts to a number of utensils that also stimulate your lips and tongue.

The multi-sensory plate is a part of "eye of the beholder" concept developed by master chef Jean-Marie Arzak together with Philips Design Probe team that study food presentation and embody the idea that the tableware can respond to the person and the food.

This is probably a great concept for a perfect dining for two on a special event, like Valentine's Day.