iPad App Helps Kids Eat Healthier

Mar 29, 2011
Every parent knows how difficult is to make your child eat those veggies and beat the junk food addiction. In many cases, actions are much better than words, especially when you use a hi-tech way to persuade your child into eating healthier.

Count your peas is an iPad application developed by Design Seedling that is aimed at making healthy eating fun for children. This app uses interactive games and lots of useful information that help kids organize their eating better.

The Count your peas app features a calculator to count servings, based on the Food Pyramid groups. Parents together with their children can view how much calories their food contains and how much they actually need to eat. They can find out the key recommendations on each food group to become nutritionally smarter.

There is also a variety of fun games and tools that makes the learning more entertaining, including the tic tac toe game with whole grain cereals or completing a dried bean mosaics.