iPant: Shapewear that Fights off Cellulite

Jan 27, 2011
For those, who want to lose weight the easiest way, Wacoal company released its revolutionary shapewear iPant that reduces cellulite and help your body look slimmer.

iPant was developed by the Wacoal, the leading intimate apparel brand that works on the latest innovations in intimate apparel. This new shapewear is claimed to eliminate cellulite on the most problem zones such as your hips, thighs and waist. It uses novel Novarel Slim® technology, a type of nylon microfibra made of small, porous capsules with caffeine that is known to speed up blood flow and burn fat faster. The tiny capsules also contain many other beneficial ingredients, such Retinol, Ceramides, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera that are released when you wear the iPant. The material and the ingredients are hypoallergenic and the technology works effectively even after numerous washings.

The iPant is available in different shapes, beginning from the long leg shaper style and hi-waist shape. Wacoal also offers other shapewear styles, such as contour camisole, body briefer, shape briefs and thongs. All shapewear items are lightweight and invisible under your clothes, so that you can feel comfortable wearing them during your everyday activities. The company says that you will get visible results, wearing iPant after just 28 days.