Itzazu Kidz Soaps Make Hand-Washing Fun for Kids

Aug 05, 2011
As the flu season approaches, more and more parents are concerned about protecting their kids from cold and flu. One of the most important tasks is to avoid spread of germs is by teaching children wash their hands properly. And while many kids tend to skip this daily routine, the Tropical Seas manufacturers decided to make this task more of a fun idea.

The Itzazu Kidz biodegradable hand soaps and sanitizers help your children learn proper hand-washing technique in an amusing way. The colorful hand soaps contain color beads. As child washes his hands, the colorful beads burst and change the color of the suds. This child-friendly approach contributes to longer and more thorough hand-washing.

The Itzazu Kidz sanitizers kill up to 99,9 percent of bacteria, including mold and yeast upon contact. The sanitizers contain anti-inflammatory bio-botanicals and moisturizers. When a child uses these sanitizers, the small beads are formed out of tiny dust and dirt particles, that fall down after drying. All Itzazu Kidz products are eco-friendly and do not contain toxic ingredients, while the package is 100 percent recyclable.

The >company also offers interactive resources for children and parents to help them learn about hand-washing techniques playfully.