Japanese Invent Mirror Thermometer

Jan 12, 2011
While winter traditionally becomes the time when most of us get cold and flu, it is important to detect the first signs of the illness, taking a person's temperature.

Japanese scientists came up with the idea of creating a non-contact thermometer called Thermo Mirror. The only thing you have to do is to look into this mirror and the temperature is displayed on the mirror's surface. The Thermo Mirror that looks like a common mirror detects fever with the help of built-in infrared sensor.

In case this health gadget senses the signs of high temperature, the alarm beeps to notify the user about the illness.

NEC Avio Infrared Technologies, the company that produces the Thermo Mirror sells two types of mirror thermometers priced at $ 1,180 - $ 1,440 each.

This kind of technology has been already used in airports to detect people, who might have communicable diseases. Thermo Mirror can be especially useful in schools, hospitals and other public places.