Jawbone Up Monitors Your Health, Works with iPhone app

Nov 07, 2011
Jawbone company that is known for its Bluetooth accessories has released its innovative health gadget called Jawbone Up that watches over your health.

The health monitor looks like a wristband that is worn during the day and night, tracking your sleep patterns, your diet and activity level. There are three main functions Jawbone Up is able to do: Measure, Engage and Act.

Equipped with small MotionX engine - a motion sensor, the device keeps track of calories burned, distance travelled, pace, your active time vs. inactive time. It also monitors your sleep quality and quantity, counting the number of hours spent during sleep, its quality, gently waking you up in the best possible time.

Jawbone Up is used to monitor your eating habits too. You need to take the photo of your meal using an iPhone app and after some time it asks how food affected you.

You can share your results and set the goals together with other Jawbone Up users, improving different aspects of your lifestyle.

All your data is stored on iPhone app after you sync the two of them by plugging the jack into the iPhone earbud port.

The Jawbone Up is meant to be worn all day long. The wristband is made of medical-grade, hypo-allergenic rubber that is water-resistant and sweat-proof. It is lightweight so you can wear it without really noticing it and the battery lasts up to 10 days.

The Jawbone Up is available in the U.S. from November 6 for $ 100.