Joseph Joseph Food Station for Cleaner Food Preparation

Mar 21, 2011
Few people realize how many harmful bacteria is lurking on their kitchen utensils, where we deal with various types of foods, such as meat, fish, eggs and other products.

Joseph Joseph Food Station is a set of flexible cutting boards that are designed to prevent cross-contamination of different foods, while you are cooking. The unit consists of 3 removable chopping mats of different colors on the glass board that makes its use more hygienic. The distinct color of each cutting mat helps you to distinguish the board for different uses, like green for vegetables or red for meat.

The glass board serves as a base, where flexible mats are placed, creating non-slip surface and can also be used as a trivet, withstanding temperatures up to 280ºC/530ºF.

It also saves your kitchen space, still proving large cutting areas.