Junk Food is Simply Impossible to Resist

Jun 29, 2009
The latest studies confirmed that junk food is addictive and now scientists want to find what makes burgers, chips and cola so hard to resist.

David Kessler, the leading food scientist and former head of the US Food and Drug Administration claims that modern food has a certain combination of fat, sugar and salt that activates "bliss" centers in our brain, making us eat more.

The scientist claims that manufacturers use this combination to make junk food so pleasurable.He said that you cannot blame a person for being overweight because you simply can not stop eating junk food. "For millions of people, modern food is simply impossible to resist," Kessler said.

David Kessler, who wrote a book, The End of Overeating, conducted an experiment with the help of using functional magnetic resonance imaging method.

The study found that almost half of obese people and as much as 30 percent of overweight people showed excessive activation response, which makes them hard to resist junk food. The proper combo of tastes activates numerous neurons, sending a message to eat more junk food, until we reach the so-called bliss point.