Keep Vitamins Away from the Bathroom

Mar 04, 2010
It is important to store vitamins way from the humid places like bathrooms and kitchen, because they may become ineffective, a new study says.

Lisa Mauer, an associate professor of food science and the author of the study, said that many vitamins and supplements, including vitamin C, vitamin B groups and others may become useless if they are stored in a wrong way. Humid environment that is often present in bathrooms and kitchens may cause deliquescence, a process that makes water-soluble ingredients dissolve.

Researchers add that even if you keep your vitamins in containers with lids, humidity may still have its detrimental effect on the effectiveness of the supplements.

Moisture lowers the quality and lifespan of the vitamins and under some conditions, the product can become completely useless. For example, if you keep supplements containing vitamin C in highly humid environment and it was deliquesced, the vitamin C content will be fully lost over a week.

Bathroom, kitchen and other places have high humidity, and even if the containers are kept closed, opening them in a bathroom is enough to add some moisture that will deteriorate the product.

The study showed that supplements containing sodium ascorbate will lose its effect at 86 percent humidity, ascorbic acid at 98 percent humidity and fructose at 62 percent humidity. Some vitamin mixtures will become useless at just 30 percent humidity. Even if the product will be moved to other conditions after it has been affected by humidity, the vitamins' content could not be restored.

Scientists say that vitamins should be stored in dry conditions to prevent the damage of the ingredients.