Kegel Exercise Weights to Treat Stress Incontinence

Aug 02, 2010
Many women are aware of the importance to keep their pelvic floor toned to avoid such conditions as urinary incontinence. This problem is quite common among women of all ages and often occurs after childbirth when pelvic floor muscles become weak and you can leak urine during laughing or sneezing.

Recent scientific studies show that Kegel exercises with vaginal cones or vaginal weighs really work and can strengthen pelvic floor muscles to lessen incontinence.

Kegel Exercise Weights are cone-shaped weights designed for women to reduce stress incontinence and increase sexual satisfaction . The set includes six weights with different weight ranging from 25g to 95g. To tone your pelvic floor you need to insert a weight and squeeze pelvic floor muscles around it to keep it in place for about 15 minutes once or twice per day. Once you got used to the lighter weights, you can proceed to heavier ones.

Specialists say that using vaginal weights for Kegel exercises can make your exercises even more effective, because you will be able to find and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles easier. Make sure to wash them with soap and water after each use and follow the instructions given in the Kegel Exercise Weights set to achieve better results.