Kindle e-Reader Makes Kids Better Readers

Apr 19, 2010
Children, who use electronic readers, might become more interested in reading and improve their reading abilities, scientists say.

Lotta Larson, a professor at Kansas State University says that e-readers such as Amazon Kindle e-Reader encourage children's reading due to its interactive features. The professor has been using the Kindle e-Reader in her study of second-grade children since the last year.

E-readers have an advantage over the printed books because they help children interact with the texts. The kids can change the font size and color, hear the text and make notes with this kind of gadgets . During the study, children from elementary school showed interest in characters, commented about different things, which strengthened their understanding.

The tests showed that students reported about the improved reading abilities and further studies should evaluate how e-readers affect reading scores. The scientist says that using e-readers might also be helpful for middle-school children, who are not so enthusiastic about reading as well as for children with special needs.