Kranking: workout for your upper body

May 16, 2011
If you want to have toned arms and burn calories fast, you may try new fitness trend - kranking. Basically, this fitness machine looks like a regular bike, but it has peddles for your arms. While this may not seem a very effective workout, the recent study says that it can give just as intense workout as usual exercise bikes and burn around 269 calories in 30 minutes.

The Krankcycle device was developed for those who got knee or feet injures and is aimed at training your upper body. The study conducted by American Council on Exercise revealed that participants, who took part in Kranking class, and whose heart rate was recorded with the help of heart rate monitors, managed to burn on average 269 calories during 30-minute sessions.

Kranking also increased heart rate, which makes it a perfect cardio workout. Besides it tones your abs and other upper body muscles.

Kranking will be especially useful for those, who became injured or for people with disabilities as well as for anyone, who want intense and effective workout.