K-Y Yours + Mine Couples Lubricant Creates the Ultimate Sexual Pleasure For Both

Feb 01, 2011
Want to give your beloved one something special on this Valentine's Day? The lubricants designed for two will rekindle the flame in your relationships and give you explosive sensations.

K-Y Yours + Mine Couples Lubricant that was developed by the well-known brand claims to give couples sexual pleasure they never experienced before. It actually comes as two lubricants for him and for her that give different sensations and when combined offer the ultimate bliss. The blue lubricant is applied to him for invigorating sensation and the purple one to her for thrilling sensation. When the two lubricants mix during sex it creates an exciting sensation.

If you wonder what kind of sensation results from using this product, the company says that it depends on a couple and their personal experience. The K-Y Yours + Mine Couples Lubricant was tested on couples and most of them said that it made their sexual experience more fun and playful, increased arousal and helped them communicate better.

Both lubricants are safe to use with latex condoms. And a note for men: use it on the outside and inside of the condom for ultimate pleasure.


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