Lark Alarm System Wakes You Up Gently

Dec 20, 2011
Nothing can be more annoying than a sound of alarm clock early in the morning, when you can hardly open your eyes. LARK is a sleep system that works with your iPad or iPhone to help you sleep and wake up better.

The system uses silent alarm technology waking you up gently and naturally using soothing vibrations. The LARK wristband tracks your sleeping patterns and works in sync with your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It sends your sleep data to LARK app and when you wake up, you can find out how well you slept, when you fell asleep or how many times you woke up during the night.

The innovative alarm clock system was designed by leading sleep specialists and can tell you everything about your sleep. It keeps track of the amount of sleep you had and its quality, saves this data and gives recommendations. The LARK's Personal sleep coach will develop a plan that will be more suitable for your sleep type. All this is meant to make your sleep healthier and your morning wake-ups peaceful.

More info at Lark.com