Le Whif Coffee and Chocolate Inhalers to Control Your Cravings

May 20, 2010
If you cannot imagine your day without coffee or chocolate and have difficulties keeping your cravings under control, then you might try Le Whif Inhalers with the smell of your favorite foods. Le Whiff Cocolate Inhaler and Le Whif Coffee Inhaler contain no calories and make you feel good even if you do not really taste the real thing.

Le Whif Inhalers were invented by David Edwards, a biomedical engineer at Harvard University. Dr.Edwards suggested the idea of breathable food, when he worked the Foodlab at Le Laboratoire in Paris. Several years ago, he introduced his innovative health gadget Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler, small-sized spray filled with chocolate particles. Dr.Edwards recommends taking small breaths to satisfy your cravings, explaining that breathing the chocolate or coffee powder can give the flavor of the food just in the same way as eating it.

The particles of the chocolate and coffee are small enough to be airborne, but big enough not to enter the lungs, thus making them safe for your health.

He recently launched Le Whif Coffee Inhaler that contains coffee powder and curbs coffee cravings, especially if you need to restrict your coffee consumption.

The inhalers come in bright colors and are priced at each, containing 8 and 10 puffs.

The expert plans to develop new tastes, including spices, cheeses and liqueurs.