Leg Master Tones Your Legs in Just a Minute

Sep 30, 2010
Do you want to improve the shape of your legs and buttocks simply by working out a few minutes a day? If this seems too good to be true to you, you can test a new leg exercise machine that is called Leg Master.

Leg Master was designed by inventor Neil Summers, who wanted to help his wife stay fit. The leg exercise machine is effective at shaping your lower body muscles. In fact, the inventor of the LegMaster claims that it can tone up to 200 of muscles, including your inner thighs, buttocks and abs.

The workout system is quite easy to use: you hold to the handlebar, while your feet rest on the foot step. All you need to do is to perform side to side leg movements on a glide rail. When you move your legs, you use your outer thighs muscles, and when you bring legs together, your inner thighs work. While it may seem quite simple, the exercising on Leg Master might become a hard-to-do task. Literally, you have to lift your body up and down during these motions and engage a lot of body muscles in one gliding motion. You can start from doing 20-30 repetitions and gradually increase the intensity. But even if you will be working out just a minute a day, you will see the results very soon.

You can workout just a minute or two a day to get the same effect as using a stepper for 30 minutes. Leg Master is suitable for newbie as well as for experienced fitness devotees. It does not take too much time and is easy to use to shape your legs and buttocks and burn extra calories.