Start Exercising with LELO Luna Balls Pleasure Bead System

Oct 18, 2010
How many times have you told yourself to start doing Kegel exercises after you found out about all the benefits of strengthening your pelvic muscles? Many women try Kegel exercisers to increase sexual satisfaction, others face such problems as urinary incontinence. In any case, many studies have shown that Kegel exercises are effective at improving both. However, many of us, who tried Kegel exercises at least once, may still question if they do the pelvic muscles exercises right. In this case, using the specially designed pleasure balls makes this task easier and more effective.

The Lelo Luna Balls Pleasure Bead System is a modern alternative to traditional geisha balls that were used for centuries by Asian women to strengthen their pelvic muscles. The system works quite simple, you insert the balls and as you try to keep the Luna balls inside, your pelvic muscles get a workout. The Lelo Luna Balls Pleasure Bead System includes the balls of different weights ranging from 28 g to 37g. If you are new to Kegel exercises, you can start with the lighter pink balls and then gradually increase the weight with heavier blue exercise balls and thus strengthen your muscles.

You do not have to lie down with these Kegel exercisers as they work while you are moving around. The movement-induced vibe makes exercises fun and efficient. You can do your regular work while exercising pelvic floor muscles at the same time.

The balls in the Lelo Luna Balls Pleasure Bead System come with the girdle that allows you to insert and remove the balls easily and keep them in place.

So if you are determined to beat the laziness and want to make something good and pleasurable for yourself, start doing Kegel exercises with the right balls.