Lights Out Mask Promotes REM Sleep

Jul 07, 2011
Good night sleep is vital for our health, and those who suffer from insomnia have hard time getting themselves to sleep. Whether you are bothered by summer heat or work problems, falling asleep may become a difficult task.

The Lights Out Sleep Mask is not just a sleep mask, but a health gadget that promotes uninterrupted REM sleep, the important phase of your sleep with rapid eye movement. The sleep mask is made from contoured foam covered in pleasant satin fabric and has a strap with Velcro closure that make it fit perfectly around your head.

This mask curves in such a way so that it blocks the light that comes from the bright light in the morning or other sources. The Lights Out sleep mask allows free eye movement so that your sleep can be peaceful and deep and you wake up refreshed in the morning.
The The Lights Out Sleep Mask is available here