Listening to Mozart Helps to Lower Blood Pressure

Sep 18, 2008
Relaxing music by Mozart was found to reduce blood pressure if you listen to it at least three times per week.

During a study, two groups of the senior volunteers were asked to listen to 12-minutes relaxation tapes and 12-minutes classical music by Mozart three times a week for four months period. Scientists took blood pressure of the participants before and after the experiment.

The first group, who was listening to a relaxation tape, including the sounds of the ocean and soothing voice of a man, had their systolic blood pressure (the top number in blood pressure reading) reduced by 9 mm/Hg, decreasing from 141/73 mm/Hg to 132/70 mm/Hg on average. The second group listening to Mozart sonata showed the reduction by 7 mm/Hg with the average141/71 mm/Hg blood pressure before the experiment and 134/69 mm/Hg after it. .

Jean Tang, the leading author of the study and an assistant professor at the College of Nursing at Seattle University in Washington said that this simple program really showed significant results, lowering blood pressure in senior people.

The researchers asked both groups of the participants to prolong the program of audio relaxation for three times a week. They also measured blood pressure one month and three months after the active part of the research to see if the positive effect persisted.

Scientists found that reduction in blood pressure sustained only for group who continued the relaxation program.

The improvement in systolic blood pressure was statistically significant for both groups, while the reduction of diastolic blood pressure didn't make a significant difference.

Tang said that audio relaxation program can become a good supplementary treatment, as well as the proper diet and exercising for patents with high blood pressure. She warned that music will not replace the traditional treatment, being absolutely safe.