Little Deeper Cushion Aids in Conception

Nov 22, 2010

Do you believe that certain sex position can help you get pregnant? If so, then having sex in the missionary position and letting the woman elevate her lower torso might be an ideal solution for successful conception. The recent study suggests that women lying on their back have better chances of conception than those, who stand up right after sex.

Many women prop the pillow after sex to increase their chances of getting pregnant. Now, you can use a specially designed pillow for this purpose.

Natural Pregnancy Aid - Little Deeper Cushion tilts and lifts woman's hips for the better penetration. Propping the Little Deeper Cushion, you create the ideal angle for deeper penetration and deposit sperm closer to the cervix. The angle is also more favorable for keeping sperm in place to let it move to the egg easier.

Regardless of your beliefs, there is one thing that most couples, who are trying to conceive, wish: having great sex without the stress of doing it right or wrong. Many men and woman say that they do not enjoy baby making sex as much as it was before. For many women the right angle plays an important role for helping them reach the big O faster.  Using the Natural Pregnancy Aid not only increases partner's sexual pleasure, but also can lead to the conception of a baby.