Little Sleep Machine to Cure Your Insomnia

May 07, 2009
Good quality sleep is essential for your health. However, not everyone can enjoy a good night sleep due to due to stress or snoring partner. For those who have trouble sleeping, there is a Little Sleep Machine, a small portable digital player, containing those healing sounds to make you sleep deep and sound.

The device was designed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, a famous researcher, working in the field of Neuroacoustic Sound Therapy. He developed unique methods of mind-body healing through incorporating sounds of different frequency to change a person's emotional, physical and mental state. One of his creations is the Little Sleep Machine, made to cure insomnia naturally with the help of relaxing music and highly sophisticated technology.

The Little Sleep Machine is a sleep device that has 3 hours of a special music. The audio program contains soothing music with Delta wave frequencies, brain waves which correspond to the deepest sleep. There are 3 programs that include nature's sounds of the ocean or forest as well as floating melodies, all combined with Delta brain waves pulses. Once you turn on the Little Sleep Machine, you brain waves get attuned to the Delta waves of the music and you fall asleep naturally and deeply.

The item goes with headphones, and you can use it to connect it to other digital music players with a standard minijack plug. The Little Sleep Machine is convenient to use at home after a series of sleepless nights or while traveling for all family members.