Luna Pillow Protector Against Dust Mites, Bed Bugs and Bacteria

Aug 18, 2010
Do you ever wonder what's in your pillow? In fact, your bedroom pillows are full of germs, bacteria and mold, especially if you did not replace it for long.

Over the time, pillows absorb loads of microorganisms from your skin and air, which leads to the breeding of dust mites, bacteria, bed bugs and mold. If you are allergic to dust mites or have other breathing problems, pillow hosts can be especially dangerous to your health.

However, most people use their pillows for many years without even realizing the dangers that come from an old pillow. Specialists recommend replacing your pillows at least once in two years. You can also try to use special pillow protectors for this purpose.

Luna Hypoallergenic Pillow Protectors create an effective barrier against bed bugs, dust mites, fluids and many other allergens. These pillows use Luna Airflow Technology that allows the pillow to breathe but repels dangerous bed bugs, dust mites and bacteria. Luna pillow protectors are made of waterproof cotton terry that effectively absorbs liquids, keeping your pillow cleaner.

Pillow protectors might relieve your condition and let you breathe easier during sleep, if you suffer from allergies, eczema, and asthma or have other health problems.

You can wash the pillow in the washing machine and use it together with Luna Mattress Protector for the best results.