The Luvion Premium Platinum Digital Video Baby Monitor

Feb 16, 2010
New moms, who have to spend days and nights with their baby, watching for the minor signs of breathing, can now use a baby monitor with video camera. The Luvion Platinum Digital Video Baby Monitor is designed for all the restless parents, who want to have a peace of mind.

This baby monitor is equipped with wireless camera that allows seeing very clear images of your baby around your home thanks to color 2.4in High Definition LCD screen. The video images of your baby are streamed at 25-30 frames a second and can give up to 200 meters view in right conditions. You can also watch your baby full screen on TV with the help of Hi Definition TV/Av cable or you can connect it to 4 different wireless cameras.

The Luvion baby monitor also has one big advantage over other baby monitors, which is its ability to stop interference with Wi-Fi networks, your mobile phone and other devices. The display is activated by minor sounds and in no time shows your baby on the parent unit. The Luvion baby monitor has automatic night vision option to give you the clear view when your baby wakes up at night.

This innovative gadget is nicely designed, fitting in your hand and being very easy to use.