Lying on Your Back After Sex Ups Chances For Conception

Nov 03, 2009
Many women have heard about the old wives tale that a woman should lie with her feet up after sexual intercourse to boost her chances of successful conception. Now, it seems that this is really true, as scientists found that women, who lie on their back for 15 minutes after the artificial insemination have better odds of conceiving a baby.

The study conducted at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdamincluded 400 women, who had artificial insemination, when sperm is inserted into woman's womb. It was revealed that women, who were lying on their back, had 50 percent more chances of getting pregnant if compared to women, who got up after the procedure and walked around. The results showed that women, who remained in lying position had 27 percent pregnancy rate, while those who started moving immediately had 18 percent pregnancy rate.

Dr Inge Custers, the leading researcher said that it is hard to say whether lying on the back will increase the chances of conception after normal sex, because the mechanism of artificial insemination is a bit different. However, Custers claims that lying with the feet up will surely not have a negative impact on couple's chances for conception.

Scientists say that remaining in bed after sex or artificial insemination for a while gives sperm a chance to ascend in the uterus, while standing up right after the procedure or sex may lower woman's chances of getting pregnant. And though it may seem time consuming, it is recommended for women to lie on their back for 15 minutes to increase their chances for successful conception.

The study published in the recent issue of the British Medical Journal.