Male Birth Control Injection Goes on Trial

Feb 15, 2010
New male birth control method will soon become available as recent trials show promise on its effectiveness.

The study conducted by Prof Richard Anderson of Edinburgh University says that the male birth control jab is going to be quite accepted for men as well as for women. The birth control method includes the injection, containing testosterone and male version of female hormone progesterone, which is given twice a month. This method allows lowering the level of other hormones, which stops sperm production.

The male birth control injection is claimed to be absolutely reversible. In 99 percent of cases, the sperm count went back to normal after men discontinued using this method.

The study also showed that many women were enthusiastic about a new male birth control method because it allows them to share the responsibility for contraception. Though this method does not offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases, it can be suitable for couples in long-term relationships