Male birth control pill

Dec 01, 2008
For years researchers tried to find a male birth control pill, to give men an opportunity to share the responsibility for family planning. The development of male birth control has become even closer with the recent studies conducted at the University of Washington in Seattle. The researchers introduced male hormonal contraceptive that could be soon available in the form of injectible, implant or pill.

How it works

The idea is similar to female birth control methods, when women take the certain combination of hormones, estrogen and progestin that prevents the release of eggs. Male birth control that is developed by scientists is also aimed at suppressing sperm production by using the right combination of testosterone and progestin hormones. The task of making such male contraceptive is quite difficult due to several reasons.

It's hard to develop the combination male birth control pill that could be administered orally just like female oral contraceptives due to the fact that testosterone would be dissolved in the liver.
For up to 15 percent of men hormonal contraception does not work, and the reason for that is still not clear.

Researchers plan to produce male contraceptive in a form of injections, creams or synthetic implants. The implants, for example will be administered under the skin of an arm to deliver hormone etonogestrel, an analogue of the progestogen that is known to suppress sperm production. The methods is claimed to be reversible and safe just like birth control pills for women.

Why to use

One of the basic questions regarding male birth control is whether a man will be willing to use it. Since there is a great number of female contraceptives are available today, the use of male contraceptives seems to be less important.

First of all, several surveys showed that more than a half of men would use male contraceptives, saying that men should take the responsibility. Many of them would choose male birth control pills for their convenience and greater pleasure, if compared to condoms. Also if a woman cannot take the pill, a male birth control pill can become a good alternative.

For a man, who is in monogamous relationships, male birth control pill can be certainly an option, reducing the number of unplanned pregnancies. But just like female pill it doesn't protect against STD's.