MBT Women's Lami Sneakers Turn Walk into Workout

Sep 28, 2010
Nowadays many people think about leading a healthier lifestyle, while modern technological advancements in fitness industry develop new fitness gear that help you workout without too much efforts.

Now you can simply change your regular sneakers for something smarter and healthier, such as MBT sneakers. MBT means Masai Barefoot Technology that was developed by a Swiss specialist Karl Muller, who realized that walking barefoot is beneficial for back health. MBT footwear incorporates innovative anti-shoe technology that mimics what foot does when you are walking barefoot on sand, which has a number of health benefits.

MBT Women's Lami Sneakers have a specially developed sole that improves posture and gait, eases joints and back pain, burns calories and exercises your legs, buttocks and abs muscles. The natural instability that comes from walking in MBT sneakers results in increased muscle activity. The anti-shoe technology encourages physiological walking due to its special sole structure. MBT Women's Lami Sneakers feature the Masai sensor that makes sneakers unstable. The Shank makes sole firm and makes foot roll naturally, distributing pressure over the sole. The PU Midsole with Pivot activates your body muscles as you walk.

By wearing MBT sneakers, you exercise with every step, shaping your body, relieving pain and stress and becoming fitter.