mChip Device Tests HIV and Syphilis in 20 minutes

Aug 11, 2011
While in some parts of the world the HIV testing can takes weeks or even longer, the developers of an innovative chip claim that results can be available just in 20 minutes.

The mChip is a health gadget that can easily and quickly diagnose HIV in any part of the world. The device mChip which means "mobile microfluidic chip" was developed by Samuel Sia, Columbia engineering professor together with Claros Diagnostics. This lab on a chip features tiny forms of test tubes and chemicals that were made using injection molding. All is needed is a drop of blood that is obtained through finger prick. The mChip is then inserted into a handheld analyzer and it gives clear answer, such as yes or no in les than 20 minutes.

The trials showed that mChip detected 100 percent of HIV cases and 94 percent of syphilis cases.

Primarily, the smart chip is aimed at detecting HIV cases in remote areas of the world since it provides faster, cheaper and more effective results. According to the developer, the mChip could potentially detect other infections such as hepatitis B and C, herpes, gonorrhea and Chlamydia.