Mediterranean Diet Best for Fertility

Oct 28, 2011
We already know the numerous health benefits of the Mediterranean diet that may prevent such problems as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. But if you are trying to get pregnant, it is best to stick to this healthy type of diet, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, fish and whole grains.

The Spanish study conducted by Dr. Jorge Chavarro, a nutrition specialist at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston analyzed 500 women with troubles getting pregnant and 1,600 women, who had at least one child. The researchers asked the participants fill in a questionnaire to find out what type of diet, Western-style or Mediterranean-style they stick to.

The Western-style diet includes fast food, whole-fat dairy products, red meat, potatoes and refined grains, which is not typically associated with good fertility.

The researchers found that here was no significant difference between those women, who preferred this type of diet to greater or lesser extend.

In the group of women, who followed Mediterranean diet, there was a difference between those women, who stuck to it more closely, and those, who followed it less closely. Only 17 percent of women who preferred Mediterranean diet reported about troubles getting pregnant, while about 26 percent who were less meticulous about Mediterranean diet, said they had problems with fertility.

Scientists explain that Mediterranean diet is linked to positive effect on insulin resistance which in its turn affects ovulation. Insulin resistance controls the amount of hormones that are necessary for ovulation, keeping them in balance.