Men and Women Should Keep to Different Diets

Jul 18, 2008
Diet plays a great role in achieving weight loss, prolonging life or improving reproductive health. However, scientists believe that diet that is a good for a woman might not be as effective for a man and vice versa.

Researchers from the University of Sydney and Massey University say that evolutionary conflict of sexes may have played its role for the diet, aging and reproduction. They think that we should take into account gender differences and an individual's reproductive stage in life when choosing a right diet. For example, women in child-bearing years and in post-menopausal years might need different diets.

The recent studies on Australian black field crickets published in the latest issue of Current Biology showed that high-carbohydrate and low-protein diets are the best for prolonging lifespan of both males and females. But, when it comes to reproductive success, the carbohydrate-protein ratio should be different for men and women. It was found that for male's reproductive success and longer lifespanthe carbohydrates to protein balance should be eight-to-one, while women benefit more when this ratio is one to-one,.

However, real diets preferences of men and women are rather similar as they choose to eat what is optimal for both sexes. For example, females, when given a choice eat little more protein than males.

Dr Alexei Maklakov, the leading author of the study said that male and female crickets take full advantage of their diet if they eat differently. The scientists think that the evidence that man and women eat similar diets can be due to the fact that they share most of their genes.

The experts believe that men and women should keep to different diets as their reproductive mission is different. For example, a pregnant woman need larger amounts of protein and energy and the kind of food woman eats during pregnancy plays an important role for developing fetus.