Mindless Method Helps You Lose Weight without Dieting

May 05, 2010
Are you tired of following fad diets and still cannot lose weight? A new weight loss method promises effective and long-lasting results without sacrificing your health or favorite foods.

The novel program developed by the researchers at the Cornwell University is aimed at changing unhealthy eating habits that are called Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think
. They suggest making a number of changes that are directed at altering a person's habits and attitude towards food.

The new Mindless Method does not require calories count, portions measurement, diet pills or refusing your favorite food. Instead, it focuses on the way you eat, giving recommendations in three main directions: changes of the environment where you eat, changes of the eating behavior and changing food choices.

Brian Wansink, Director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab and the author of the Mindless method program together with his colleagues conducted a study that involved 200 participants enrolled in the National Mindless Eating Challenge. The findings of the study showed that people, who start changing their eating environment, find it less difficult to stick to the diet and report about more effective weight loss.

During the study the participants were given a number of recommendations, including using smaller dinner plates, not keeping the high calorie food at home and turning off TV, computer and cell phone during meals. As a result, after three months study the participants lost around 1 to 2 pounds per month per recommendation.

Dr. Wansink explains that such small changes turn into habits over time that will appear mindlessly and become a healthy routine. Consistent changes in eating habits lead to healthier lifestyle and effective weight loss.