Moji Back Pain Relief System

Aug 11, 2010
Many people know the pain of working long hours standing up and feeling that your back becomes really achy.  In this case a new system to relieve back pain by Moji can become really helpful.

Moji Back Pain Relief System is a good way-out to relieve acute and chronic back pain. The system includes cold and heat cell and the support wrap to treat back pain either with heat or cold for better comfort.

All you have to do is to microwave the heat cell for the warmth feeling or cool it down in your fridge for a chilly sensation. The heat cell or cold cell is then inserted into the Moji support wrap to keep it in place around your waist. The support wrap wraps comfortably, covering your lower back and lowering the pain in just seconds. The wrap itself is made of Polartec performance stretch fabric that allows you to move around freely, not worrying about the proper support to your back.

You can wear the Moji Back Pain Relief System under your clothes when you need it the most. It is a perfect tool for back pain relief, support and relaxation.