Monitor Determines the Level of Air Pollution You Breath In

Apr 24, 2012
Air pollution has been linked to numerous health problems from obesity to heart attack. It is almost impossible to determine how much pollution you inhale every day, but now with the Personal Exposure Monitor you will know for sure what's taking toll on your health.

MicroREM is a personal device that is worn like a necklace was developed by researchers from RTI, Columbia University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Northeastern University.

It monitors the level of air pollution and your activity level with the help of accelerometers. The team of scientists conducted a study, where participants had to perform various activities, such as walking on treadmill, sitting, standing, climbing stairs and others. The breathing rates accompanying the activities were measured. Together with the data of pollution level and person's vital signs it will create more accurate picture of the effects of air pollution.

via RTI International