7 Most Common Mistakes While Using the Condom

Dec 11, 2009
Most condom failures happen because of the incorrect use of the condom, rather than defects in the condom itself. The condom breakage or slippage may lead the risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. That's why it is important to use condom correctly, avoiding the most common mistakes with condom use:

1. Using the wrong lubricant with the condom

Condoms are compatible with water-based lubricants and most condoms that are sold to the users are already lubricated. If you want to add additional lubrication, make sure you do not use oil-based lubricants, such as baby oils, vaseline, petroleum jelly, massaging oils and other. The thing is that oil-based lubricants can damage the latex material of the condom.

2. Opening the package with sharp objects

When you put on a condom, it is important to open the package correctly. To open a condom package you need to tear it carefully along the edge. Common mistakes that happen while opening the condom package include the use of sharp objects, such as scissors or tearing the package with teeth or fingernails. This can lead to minor cuts that can result in condom breakage. Be aware if your partner has pierced genitals as they can also damage the condom.

3. Leaving air at the tip of the condom

It is important to leave some space at the tip of the condom. You need to squeeze the tip of the condom not to leave air as you put on the condom to the head of the penis. If you do not leave some space at the tip of the condom, there will be not enough room for the ejaculate, which may lead to condom breakage.

4. Using the condom too early or too late

The condom should be put on before penetration, when the penis is already erect. The most common mistakes with the condom use here is putting the condom on after starting sex and removing it before the intercourse is over. If a man puts on a condom after penetration, it is possible that pre-ejaculate contains some fluids that increase the risk of infection or unwanted pregnancy. If a man removes condom before he ejaculates, there is a risk of ejaculation if he does not withdraws in time or pre-ejaculate coming in contact with the partner's genitals.

5. Unrolling the condom incorrectly

Make sure the condom is right side up before unrolling it. If you van put on a condom quite easily, you are using the condom correctly. Also unroll the condom all the way down to the base of the penis. This will prevent the condom from slipping off and will reduce the risk of transmission of STD's.

6. Reusing the condom

Use the condom only once for every sexual intercourse. It is a mistake to use condom twice or more time even if you did not ejaculate in the condom. First of all, it is quite hard to put on an unrolled condom. Also, the used condom is become dried off and are not comfortable to wear and increases the risk of tears. The reused condom can also contain pre-ejaculate, which poses the risk for the partner.

7. Withdrawing the condom incorrectly

Hold onto the rim of the condom and remove penis while it is still erect. If you do not hold onto the condom, you have higher risk of condom slippage or leakage.  Make sure not to spill the ejaculate. Throw away the condom, but do not flush the condom down the toilet.