Move Shirt Helps You Perform Yoga Poses Right

Jun 08, 2012
If you decided to start practicing yoga at home, and do not have a yoga instructor, the innovative shirt will help you exercise correctly and have better results.

The shirt called Move by Electricfoxy is a hi-tech garment that enhaces your performance and make your movements more precise, correcting you, if you pose is not exactly what it should be.

Besides the lower effectiveness, incorrect performance can lead to pain in different parts of the body and some injures.

The Move features four wearable sensors in the front, back and sides that work with a mobile app that stores and saves your movements to track your progress. When your movements are out of whack, the shirt will give you a subtle nudge though feedback components to correct your pose.

Besides yoga, the hi-tech garment can be used to perform pilates, golf, baseball or physical therapy.