MOVband Motivates Kids to Move

Feb 13, 2012
More and more children face the problem of obesity because of the sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating. And today parents need more than just words to get their kids moving.

The new health gadget MOVband was designed specially for children to make them more physically active. The device was developed by a teacher, a fitness instructor and a mother of three and uses latest accelerometer technology. The system combines the wrist worn band with the MOVband Challenge, a school-ready program.

The MOVband wristband tracks kid's daily activity and displays number of steps made by the user.

The MOVband Challenge is a fundraising program that encourages kids to walk 100 miles in two weeks. The school can sign up for the program and the children get rewarded for their progress.

The wristband is simple and stylish to make its use suitable for kids. MOVband also has a performance based payment option that allows schools and other organizations have access to their system with no upfront cost. Children will be rewarded for their activity for a fundraiser challenge.

More info at Moveband.com