MyCalmBeat Heart Rate Monitor Reduces Stress Through Breathing

Oct 06, 2011
Stress can affect our health negatively in many ways. And while it is almost impossible to make our life stress-free, we can learn how to reduce it to a minimum by practicing certain techniques. Brain Resources company has introduced its innovative health gadget MyCalmBeat - a heart rate monitor that lowers stress level encouraging proper breathing at the right breathing rate.

Deep breathing is well-known method that reduces stress, but many people do not know how to do it properly. The new monitor teaches you how to do it at a rate that is best for you. The monitor gives a real time feedback, tracking heart rate variability to help you cope with stress better.

MyCalmBeat monitor consists of a small ear clip that tracks the user's heart rate variability while the user performs breathing exercises. The device evaluates the best breathing rate when heart rate is most variable, which means a calm state. Once the person learns the best-breathing rate, he or she can use MyCalmBeat apps to further improve their breathing rate and thus feel less stressful. The apps are available for desktop computers and smartphones, including iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

Previous studies showed that slow breathing and personal best breathing just a few minutes a day can increase the variability of a person's heart rate, which is associated with low anxiety.