MynaTime Workout Assistant for Your Mac and iPod

Jul 13, 2010
When you need a motivation to stay fit and workout regularly, you might need the innovative MynaTime application for Mac OS X versions, which can become your personal real-time trainer. With MynaTime Workout Assistant for Mac OS X you can create your own workout sessions of any length and type. Using the word processor, you type the exercise session you want, like yoga, stretch exercises, ab exercises and many others. The text converts into speech and you hear the instructions for your workouts.

You won't need to look what exercise is going to be next or turn off your favorite music, as this software allows you to listen to the music in iTunes and the instructions, while you are exercising. MynaTime talks with Alex, the voice of Apple's iPod Shuffle, pausing at the end of each action and if you are listening to the music, the volume is lowered to help you hear clearly what to do.

You can use recommendations from magazines, books and websites to tailor your workout sessions. MynaTime can become a great workout assistant during travelling or at home.

You can export your sessions with timing to an audio file for your iPod or iPhone and exercise at work, in a hotel and any other place. You can use iSight camera to record videos of your own workout session or trainer's sessions that you can analyze to improve your workouts. Myna Time lets you maintain a detailed record of your fitness sessions, which you can log into iCal journal and make certain improvements.

MynaTime is developed for Mac OS X version 10.5 (Leopard) and later and also includes sample files demonstrating its use for weight lifting, yoga, cycling and physical therapy.