Nanogel to Protects You From Herpes And Other STD's

Jun 20, 2012
A new gel with nanoparticles may someday become available to all women who want to ward off sexually transmitted diseases.

Scientists conducted a study on mice, applying drug that protects against herpes using innovative nanogel. As a result the effectiveness of the drug increased three-fold. If the effect will be lasting several hours, it could be applied by women beforehand as a protection against STD's. The researchers chose an anti-herpes drug that was not very effective and exposed mices with very infectious herpes virus. The study showed good protective properties of the gel against infection.

The gel has tiny nanoparticles that were small enough and slick to pass through vaginal mucus. Mice that were exposed to herpes virus, but were given anti-herpes drug increased their protection from 16 percent without nanogel to 53 percent with nanogel.

The same technology can be used to protect against other STD's, like AIDS and HPV. This can be especially helpful for women, whose partners refuse to use condoms.