NanoMask to Protect You from Swine Flu

Apr 30, 2009
Swine flu has already caused numerous outbreaks around the world. The transmission of swine flu occurs through coughing or sneezing or through touching the infected area. It is important to pay attention to any suspicious signs of the illness to cut the risk of catching the swine flu. Avoiding close contact with people, who have symptoms of the illness and washing your hands with soap and water frequently are one of the basic measures to protect yourself from swine flu.

It is also recommended to cover your nose and mouth with a protective face mask, when coughing or sneezing or to protect yourself from catching the illness. For those, who want extra protection against swine flu, the innovative mask, incorporating nanotechnology can be one of the best solutions. Face masks are made to provide certain protection for the people against viruses and bacteria.

The NanoMask is a face mask designed to protect you against viruses and bacteria, using anti-microbial components. The latest 2H Technology Plus applied in production of the NanoMask uses advanced filter able to catch the particles as small as 0.027 microns, which is more than 10 times smaller than the particles that pass through common filters. It is known that virus particles are very small, so not all masks can protect you from viruses, including those that cause swine flu. Nanoparticles in the mask protect you by absorbing and destructing viruses and bacteria when you inhale. Aside from swine flu protection it can be used against various viruses such as Hepatitis B, HIV, Ebola, SARS, Avian flu as well as pollen and other allergens.

The mask consists of two pieces having a mask that can be reused and a disposable filter that should be changed every one to two days. The NanoMask has comfortable fit, sealing against your face, but allowing you to move your jaws freely. The mask was anatomically designed with low fit on the nose and wider fit to cover your mouth.