Natural Oil Cream Controls Body Odor

Jun 02, 2011
The summer heat brings in excess sweating and this becomes a problem for those, who suffer from this problem. Nowadays we have a great variety of deodorants and antiperspirants to mask body odor, but not all of them are also earth and skin-friendly.

Itch Magic is an organic oil mix that helps you smell good and control your body odor naturally. This is actually a mixture of organic extra-virgin ingredients, including organic coconut oil, walnut oil and vitamins. These oils have hydrating effect on dry skin and protect you from fungi, irritation and skin moisture.

Besides, this natural oil mix is suitable for the most sensitive areas, which are often the places where the unpleasant body odor comes from. You can apply it to the armpits, groin area, feet and other areas. Itch Magic helps you to feel comfortable, softens the skin and provides freshness all day long.