New Device May Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Oct 21, 2011
Medtronic, the company that specializes in pacemakers, heart stents and spine products, has come up with the innovative product that could help men deal with erectile dysfunction.

The company conducted a study on 30 men aged 60 on average, who were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. During the study, specialists used specially designed drug-eluting stent system. The stent that is commonly used to keep the arteries open during the procedures in coronary artery diseases, was inserted in an artery of the penis through catheter. This allows increased blood flow, which helps to maintain erection.

According to the statistics around 30 million men in US suffer from erectile dysfunction. Many of them turn to common drugs such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. But around half of them stop using these drugs because of the side effects or ineffectiveness or due to underlying medical condition.

The initial study showed that after three months around two thirds of men, who underwent the procedure, could see at least 4 points improvement on the Internal Index of Erectile Dysfunction scale. The results are promising for men who failed drug therapy, but further studies are needed to find out if no adverse effects were reported.