New Implantable Contraceptive Works for Three Years

Nov 23, 2011
The new hormonal contraceptive Nexplanon that provides three years of protection from unwanted pregnancy is available for women in the US. The new contraceptive is progestin-only single-rod implant that is inserted under woman's skin during a simple procedure. It looks like a flexible matchstick, made of polymer.

The Nexplanon contains etonogestrel, progestin that inhibits ovulation, thickens cervical mucus and contributes to the changes in endometrium. The trials of the Nexplanon showed that there is only 1 pregnancy per 100 women for one year of use.

The Merck company that offers new skin care birth control method provides instructions for health care providers on how to insert and remove the implant. The Nexplanon may be less effective in women with obesity or who take certain medications.