New Moms Exercising with Their Babies

Apr 20, 2011
Few new mothers are happy with their body after giving birth and most of them want to get back in shape as soon as possible. However, not every woman can afford to leave her baby to a babysitter and spend some time working out in a fitness center.

We know that just little exercise, when done regularly, can make a big difference. Luckily, now you can exercise at the comfort of your home, using DVD that helps you get fit together with your child.

"Happy Baby, Fit Mama" is a workout DVD that includes three 10 minute workout programs for new moms and their kids. The first program Cardio is aimed at increasing your cardio strength, performing low-impact exercises, wearing your baby in a carrier. The second Core part strengthens your core muscles, while your baby is in a stroller. The Calm routine is aimed at stretching and relaxing your muscles with your baby just as close to you as usually. Now, you definitely have no excuse for not working out!
The "Happy Baby, Fit Mama" is available on Amazon.com.