New Sex Toy That Uses Electric Toothbrush Technology

Jan 17, 2012
Sonic technology has been already used in some health gadgets, such as Clarisonic skin system and Philips Sonicare toothbrush and now the patented technology is behind an innovative sex toy.

The Orb by Revel Body is the first sex toy device that uses this technology to develop high-performance vibration motor. The new motor provides broader range of vibration and power, as well as 66 percent less noise than traditional vibrators. This makes the new sex toy not only less noisy, but allows using less power. As e result the user has better control and satisfaction.

Robin Elenga, the founder of the company came up with the idea to use the same motor that was previously used in electric toothbrush after she found out that many customers bought the Sonicare toothbrush for other purposes than brushing their teeth.

The company hopes to release the Orb later this year. Currently they are working on design of the product and marketing.
via [Geekwire.com]