New Spray Can Keep Your Clothes Germ-Free Forever

Jul 11, 2011
Scientists developed a novel solution that helps you get rid of germs in your clothing once and for all.

The spray-on solution, created by the researchers from the University of Georgia is applied to any clothing item, including your socks and it will remove all the germs. The effect is permanent and even after multiple washing in hot water, your clothes stay clean.

The new solution is claimed to kill a great variety of germs, including staphylococcus, streptococcus, E. coli, pseudomonas and others. It can be used not only on clothes, but other items, like carpets, shoes and even plastics.

Scientists hope that the innovative product will be especially useful in healthcare system. In medical facilities the spread of harmful microbes on lab coats, gloves and linens is a serious problem and new solution can help solve this problem.