New Drug for End-Stage Prostate Cancer Developed

Jul 22, 2008
Scientists uncover a breakthrough drug for the treatment of the severe prostate cancer that claims to be more effective than chemotherapy.

The promising drug called abiraterone has a potential to treat 80 percent of the patents, suffering from severe forms of prostate cancer, for whom chemotherapy proved to bó ineffective.

It was suggested that prostate cancer is triggered by sex hormones like testosterone. The current treatments worked by blocking the production of testosterone in the testes. However, now scientists concluded that prostate cancer is driven by sex hormones not only from testicles, but from the cancer itself.

The abiraterone works by blocking the production of hormones that trigger prostate cancer throughout the body.

The clinical trials of the drug that involved 21 patients with aggressive prostate cancer showed that the level of the prostate specific antigen reduced in most of the patients. Many of the prostate cancer patents also reported about the improvements of overall health condition. Some of the participants were able to stop taking other medications like morphine to relieve pain cause by the tumor.

Scientists plan more trials involving as much as 1,200 patients with prostate cancer all around the world. The current data is based on 21 patients with the total data collected on 250 people worldwide. The further trials are necessary to confirm the findings.

The Institute of Cancer Research claims that the drug will be available in a pill form in two to three years.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men and the second leading cause of deaths from cancer. A deadly form of prostate cancer affects nearly 10,000 men in UK.

It is believed that the abiraterone will also be helpful to other cancer patients, like those with breast cancer.